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Diagnose Your Network
What's Your Group's Profile?

Assess Your Organization

Once each member of your group has completed the Humax Assessment, our assessment software compiles the individual responses and generates a composite profile of your group or organization.
Your customized, 20-page composite report shows the distribution of profiles in your organization and compares it to our baseline population. This diagnosis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s social capital. You can compare your individual profile with this distribution to determine where you fit in and add value.

You’ll discover…

  1. How the social capital of your group compares with others
  2. Why your networks look the way they do
  3. What are your constraints, opportunities, and choices
  4. How to manage the social architecture of your group to improve performance

Have Your Group Take the Humax Assessment

Taking the Humax Assessment as a group makes an investment in the power of social capital for your organization – as well as yourself! Register your group.