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Impact Your Network
Inspiring Keynote Addresses

Inspiring Keynote Addresses by Dr. Wayne Baker

Dr. Baker, our resident expert, is available for keynote address. The following topics are his current talks:.

Pay It Forward: Use the Science of Generosity to Boost Collaboration and Innovation

Do your people share information and ideas? Do they help one another? The science of generalized reciprocity reveals the ingredients that produce collaboration and cooperation. These ingredients include personal values, information transparency, and rewards for cooperative behavior. Learn how to create the right mix of these ingredients in your organization

Energize Your Organization: Use Network Science to Create High-energy Networks

How energizing is your workplace? Do you have energizers who create a positive work environment? Or, do you have de-energizers who drain everyone’s energy? Network science shows you the map of the invisible web of energizing and de-energizing connections in your organization. This map reveals the energizers and de-energizers. Learn the principles that create high-quality, energizing connections that boost productivity and innovation.

Please contact Humax for availability and pricing.