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Diagnose Your Network
What's Your Network Profile?

Identify Your Network Profile

Who’s in your core network? How are they connected? And what does all this tell you about the strength of your social capital? Where do you need to build and invest?

With thoughtful intention, you build the networks you need to accomplish your goals.
But first, you need to know what your network looks like...

What Does Your Network Look Like?

You might be surprised. Take the Humax Assessment for an accurate – and revealing – picture of your social network, profile type, and diagnostics. Contact us for more information. Purchase now and get your customized analysis instantly online!

Nurture Your Network

Your network is one of your greatest assets. Your success depends on the social capital in your business, professional, and personal networks as much as it does on your human capital – what you know.

Your network is a living entity. It changes over time. You can nurture and cultivate it, or you can neglect and starve it. By making appropriate changes in your network, you can realize more success and satisfaction both personally and professionally.

Once you’ve experienced the Humax Assessment for yourself, you’re going to want to share it with your colleagues, group, organization, or business. That’s where the Humax Assessment for Organizations/Groups comes in.

Real Science, Real Results

The Humax Assessment uses well-established survey methods. These methods were first used on a large scale in the Topical Module on Social Networks in the 1985 General Social Survey (GSS) and have become the standard for egocentric network data collection and analysis. (The GSS is a scientific poll of the American population, based on a national probability sample. It has been conducted annually for decades.) These methods have also been tested in cross-cultural research.

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