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Humax Corporation Testimonials

Carol S. Maskin, M.D.
Vice President Product Realization/Drug Innovation & Approval

"Key to the effectiveness of our Global Project Team Leaders is their ability to work effectively in our highly ‘matrixed’ organization…Behavior learned in the Reciprocity Ring™ continues to be practiced. It has, indeed, been a delight collaborating with Humax. We include the Reciprocity Ring™ as an exercise in our ‘Fundamentals’ workshop within our High Performing Team program…team members are amazed at the responses they receive…"

Brian Uzzi
Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"Whether I am training CEOs, sales people, law partners, women or men, or international students, the Reciprocity Ring™ is golden."

Ivan Misner
Founder and Chairman at Business Networking International (BNI)

"Reciprocity is the number one key to creating social capital, and amassing social capital is the number one way to achieve success in business and life."

"As the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization, I have been teaching people in countries all over the world how to effectively build and leverage social capital for over twenty-five years. In all those years, the Reciprocity Ring™ is the only program that BNI has ever bought the rights to incorporate into our training curriculum from an outside organization and it continues to be an invaluable investment. The amount of new business and repeat business BNI members continue to get and the amount of time they save due to the quick results and efficient solutions provided through connections made possible by the Reciprocity Ring™ program is astounding. I have heard time and again from thousands of BNI members across the globe that they never fully grasped the importance or the power of being laser-specific in communicating their needs until they participated in the Reciprocity Ring™ program and they were finally able to understand how to be laser-specific. If you want to catapult your business into higher and higher realms of success and dramatically improve employee performance, I can tell you from experience that the Reciprocity Ring™ program is the answer.”

Karen De-Cuir-DiNicola
Manager, Diversity Initiatives, General Motors Corporation

"The Reciprocity Ring is proving to be a powerful and insightful tool for Diversity Initiatives that has real practical application in problem solving for bottom-line business results. The Reciprocity Ring builds trust and relationships by creating new and fast connections where they might not have existed otherwise. The Ring finds solutions in unexpected places, ultimately helping people get the information they need now."

Tom Caprel,
Coordinator, Company of Friends

“Whoever said a ‘soft’ exercise that builds community can’t payoff in hard dollar results hasn’t participated in your Reciprocity Ring™.”

Corporate Attorney

"I have been thinking about my assessment ever since the workshop and even find myself picturing the Humax diagrams of people I know. I am happy to say that my diagram already looks vastly more diverse than it did before the workshop (when it consisted almost entirely of white male lawyers in the New York/New Jersey area)." 

Ford Executive

"These exercises demonstrated very well the concepts of Social Capital and made quite an impression. For my first exercise, I asked for a somewhat easy request. The second exercise I submitted, though, was a very detailed and work oriented request. I was amazed - I received three solid leads from the table. Others at the table were equally impressed. Bottom line - these exercises were well worth the time to demonstrate the concept, significantly aid team building and last but not least were very enjoyable and FUN."

BNI Chapter Director

"The Reciprocity Ring is a very valuable tool that every sales person should have an opportunity to experience. We have had members who have informed us about the repeated business they have received from the contacts made from this workshop.

Since 2004 we’ve used the Ring an average of twice a year. Four chapters with an average of 20 members participate each time. The total value of help received is $651,000; the total amount of time saved is 1873 hours, which is an average of 26 hours per participant per month. I find the Ring experience very learner friendly; at the same time, they push the participants to become very specific in asking for help that they need."