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The Reciprocity Ring is an exercise that enables the principle of pay it forward in your group. Engage in a Reciprocity Ring and you’ll witness in real time the power and potential of social networking.

At the end of your Ring experience, you will walk out with a “Wow!”

The reason? People who use the Ring meet their actual needs, both personal and professional. They get the information they need. They solve real problems. That’s because the Reciprocity Ring emphasizes the importance of solutions.

During your Reciprocity Ring experience, you:

  • Learn the power and practice of reciprocity
  • Find solutions to your issues while focusing on contributing to others
  • Build trust as you learn about and help one another.

Proven and reliable, the Reciprocity Ring is also simple, systematic, and scalable. It can be used with groups ranging from 12 to 500. To date, more than 20,000 people have used the Reciprocity Ring, including executives, managers, and professionals in many different types of companies, industries, and locations around the world.

What people say about their experience…

"Many valuable contributions are within your current network. All you need to do is ask! One has a lot to contribute to others."

"The “asking” generated the energy and creativity; structured ways of asking are necessary. It is a great untapped resource."

"In a group of committed people, there is an abundance of resources and wisdom. You just have to ask."

Reciprocity Ring Metrics

Reality-based Results

The Reciprocity Ring does not deal in hypotheticals — its performance is backed up with hard data from real-world experience. We record and track the results of the Ring. Our evidence shows that during the Reciprocity Ring experience:

  • Real business benefits are achieved
  • The monetary values of benefits achieved typically exceeds $150,000
  • The time saved by participants typically exceeds 1,600 hours
  • The Reciprocity Ring builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants
  • The Reciprocity Ring is transformative — and informative. Not only will you learn solutions to your issues, but you’ll also learn more about your colleagues and co-workers.

Start Your Ring Journey
The beauty of the Reciprocity Ring is its flexibility. We provide everything you need to run a successful Ring experience: all materials, step-by-step instructions, room set up, PowerPoint slides, and more. You can easily conduct your own Ring where and when you want.

Contact us to use the Reciprocity Ring for your organization